Handle your staff and business in a few taps.

It’s never been easier to handle your business and human resources with Internia, a digital mobile solution perfectly suitable for small businesses.

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“I’d say it was one of the most user-friendly business apps I’ve ever used. Moreover, it’s been really helpful in terms of time-tracking, scheduling and documents management!”

Andy Cartwright, Property Development business owner.

Manage employee schedule

Track working time

Manage employee workload

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Unified platform for everything

Clean up the mess after previous heavy and non-friendly applications. No more different systems! Inertia ensures unified solution for managing your staff and business with a few taps on your mobile device.

Easy to understand, easy to use

Boreal Bane picked Internia after testing it on staff. According to an employee survey, Internia was the most easily understandable solution among the others.

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save time save time

Save energy, time, and resources

Get rid of the paperwork and additional effort in controlling your staff. Internia ensures easy navigation, monitoring and management activities both for your and your workers.

Solution placed in your pocket

Mobile applications are dominating modern world. Internia is accessible from every device, including tablets, mobile gadgets, notebooks and PCs.

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